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Open Britain published this today

by Geoff Abell on 29 November, 2017

(Please note this organisation is completely independent from any political party, but campaigns on EU issues.)   “I’m sure you’ve seen today’s reports that our Government will be handing over £50 billion to Brussels to leave the EU.  Nobody was told this fact during the referendum. Brexit campaigners said that we would get £350 million […]

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by Geoff Abell on 9 November, 2017

Hard border?  No. Hard luck Human Rights?  Not a chance. Hard Brexit??? Absolutely not. The trouble is, 6 months after the General Election, not much has changed and the government look weaker than ever.  The coalition of 2010-2015, for all the criticism at the time, now looks relatively stable.

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Exit from Brexit

by Geoff Abell on 2 October, 2017

         Great and peaceful marches last Sun in Manchester near the Tory conference.  Tens of thousand attended various rallies and speakers came from all political parties (including the Conservatives) and none. Some inventive slogans – “Brexit is bananas”, “Je suis saboteur” and “Inclusive not exclusive”. We were also reminded that of the […]

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An election is called

by Geoff Abell on 24 April, 2017

This election will be on many things, but this will be most definitely one of them. (This is a recent article in the London Evening Standard by Nick Clegg)   Theresa May is naive to think a clear Tory win is the answer to Brexit The PM should beware taking voters for granted, and will […]

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A sad day for all of Europe

by Geoff Abell on 29 March, 2017

So today, UK’s PM Theresa May has invoked Lisbon article 50. Having been through democratic, legal and parliamentary hoops, is this the right thing to do? Yes Does it need to be ‘hard’? No Is this the best for the UK (or even the EU)? No Is it irreversible? No   The EU is unique: […]

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Yesterday, the Article 50 bill was given Royal Assent – meaning Theresa May is now clear to trigger Article 50 and begin the Brexit negotiations. This follows votes in Parliament earlier this week where MPs and Lords voted for the final time on the Article 50 bill. In those votes, our top priority was to […]

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Brexit costs

by Geoff Abell on 24 November, 2016

source: OBR As you may well have seen, the new post-referendum Conservative government, after years of hardship to some caused by “austerity”, have decided to borrow £112 billion to finance the next 4.5 years of government. Of this the OBR (The Office for Budget Responsibility), an independent and normally a careful organisation, has said that […]

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The EU

by Malcolm Allan on 20 September, 2016

The Liberal Democrat Plan for Britain in Europe The Liberal Democrats remain a proudly pro-European party. Following the referendum, we are setting out clear answers to some of the big questions and what we think should happen next. Key issues for negotiation Protection of rights for EU citizens and UK citizens Those who have made […]

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The EU Erasmus Scheme

by Malcolm Allan on 20 September, 2016

Not everyone will know what this is or even have heard of it.  It’s certain that those who’ve participated in this scheme will never forget it though.  It’s a funded means of British students spending a year abroad studying in another University as a fully fledged student.  It adds another year to the UK degree […]

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Several steps backwards

by Geoff Abell on 20 July, 2016

In the post-referendum world, where finance and security are more difficult, our neighbours are more hostile and politics is in turmoil (including the threat of Scotland leaving again), one small point has been overlooked. We shall lose the only form of PR that the whole UK uses. It seems to work well in Scotland where […]

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