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What makes Lib Dems different?  Some things you may not know.

by Geoff Abell on 20 January, 2018

Voting Reform

We want an electoral system based on Proportional Representation, as Scotland and most other democracies use.  This means every vote counts, you get a representative who actually represents you and the results reflect the way the nation voted.

An elected House of Lords.  All parties signed up to a 80% or 100% elected chamber, but the last bill was scuppered by Labour a few years ago, citing the reason that they needed more time to consider it.  100 years wasn’t enough.

We believe in subsidiarity.  That is, executive decisions should be taken at the lowest possible level.  The creation of a Greater Manchester mayor is an example of this.

We also think that 16 and 17-year-olds have the experience and judgement to vote, as they did in the Scottish referendum.


Simply put, the health service needs more money.  We would pay for this by additional income tax – a penny in the pound.


We believe that now is the time to invest in wind, solar and other renewable energy.  Thanks to a Lib Dem initiative with Stockport Homes, Stockport has one of the highest number of solar panels on former council housing.

Stockport recycling is one of the best in Greater Manchester too.

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