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Thanks to our many supporters out there and to the sheer hard work of candidates and teams, Lib Dems won all 6 wards in this constituency.  Results as follows.  This means on the night of the 21 Stockport MBC wards, Lab won 8, Lib Dems won 8, Cons 3 and Heald Green ratepayers 1.  Due […]

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Council Election 3 May

by Geoff Abell on 23 April, 2018

The Stockport Council election is next week, on 3 May.  Postal Voting forms have already been posted. Democracy is a precious thing and we’d encourage all to use their vote, especially in Marple South (and High Lane) where there was only 23 votes in it in the last local elections. On postal votes, a number […]

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Proposed 2018 counstituencies

by Geoff Abell on 17 October, 2017

The boundary commission have published their revised map.  Whilst some lines in Cheshire have changed, we will still lie in the new Marple and Hyde constituency.  We have until December 2017 to comment. Map and comment at    

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A big choice for the next 5 years

by Geoff Abell on 26 May, 2017

As the election draws near and the first votes by post are being cast, it’s important to know what sort of MP we want in the constituency that includes Marple and High Lane. The realistic choice is between a Tory candidate that supported the snooper’s charter, a hard Brexit and all the “nasty” elements that […]

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An election is called

by Geoff Abell on 24 April, 2017

This election will be on many things, but this will be most definitely one of them. (This is a recent article in the London Evening Standard by Nick Clegg)   Theresa May is naive to think a clear Tory win is the answer to Brexit The PM should beware taking voters for granted, and will […]

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 The current Hazel Grove constituency and its 6 wards (The proposal is to lose Offerton and Hazel Grove wards (bottom left) and add 4 new Hyde wards to the North.)   The Boundary Commission for their review in 2018 have a hard job: as well as reducing the number of constituencies to 600, each parliamentary seat […]

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2016 Election Results in Marple and Stockport

by Geoff Abell on 6 May, 2016

In summary, Marple North elected a Liberal Democrat, Malcolm Allan, by 592 votes and Marple South a Conservative, Tom Dowse, by 23. Congratulations to both.  It was a hard-fought contest in both wards, as witnessed by the high turnout – 49% and 46%, unusual for a local election and some of the largest across Stockport. […]

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As published by the returning officer on 7th April 2016. STATEMENT OF PERSONS NOMINATED Election of a Borough Councillor The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Borough Councillor for Marple North Ward   Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any) Name of Proposer Reason why no longer nominated* […]

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Don’t Lose Your Vote!

by Geoff Abell on 1 April, 2016

Local elections for Stockport Council on Thurs, 5 May; EU referendum on Thurs, 23 June. Photo Jack Hynes via LSE Democratic Audit  There are 2 important elections coming.  Voter registration has changed (so that individuals register rather than the “head of the household”).  Most will have been carried across, but if you are unsure or […]

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