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Roadworks into December

by Geoff Abell on 20 November, 2017

Work will take place from 27th November to carry out remedial repairs to the existing road hump/cushions on Hibbert Lane.  Meanwhile, United Utilities are still repairing the collapsed road around one of their pipes on Stockport Road near Rose Hill.  We are hoping this will be done shortly.   Meanwhile we hope that the leaks on […]

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Council by-election success in NW

by Geoff Abell on 17 November, 2017

 MP-turned-councillor John Pugh Excellent news from a council byelection here in the North West – with  a Lib Dem gain from the Conservatives for Dukes ward on Sefton council. Our new councillor, John Pugh, was MP for Southport up until the snap election in June when he stood down after 16 years in Parliament.  He […]

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What’s in a name – update

by Geoff Abell on 9 November, 2017

After public consultations (and effectively a vote) on the subject, the ward name of Marple South will now be Marple South and High Lane. The area committee that makes local decisions across Marple North and Marple South will still be Marple Area Committee. That committee sat last night.  Cllr Allan commented that, whilst many (by […]

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by Geoff Abell on 9 November, 2017

Hard border?  No. Hard luck Human Rights?  Not a chance. Hard Brexit??? Absolutely not. The trouble is, 6 months after the General Election, not much has changed and the government look weaker than ever.  The coalition of 2010-2015, for all the criticism at the time, now looks relatively stable.

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New and increased Car Park charging

by Geoff Abell on 2 November, 2017

Labour-run Stockport Council are proposing to change the charges for car parks.   Stockport centre car parks will be charged at 80 p per hour for the first two hours. Perhaps more importantly to us, free car parks near stations in district centres will be charged.  Which means that the two car parks – those […]

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by Geoff Abell on 19 October, 2017

Keep an eye out for your new recycling calendar that will be posted to you in the next couple of weeks.  This should include a helpful item on what can be recycled – a Lib Dem modification to this year’s council budget.

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Proposed 2018 counstituencies

by Geoff Abell on 17 October, 2017

The boundary commission have published their revised map.  Whilst some lines in Cheshire have changed, we will still lie in the new Marple and Hyde constituency.  We have until December 2017 to comment. Map and comment at    

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A6 to reopen on Mon 16 Oct

by Geoff Abell on 12 October, 2017

A6 to reopen on Monday We’re delighted that the A6 will reopen to traffic as planned on Monday 16 October. Engineers have spent over 7,000 hours repairing the almost 200 year old bridge.  This is a significant point to reach. Whilst the A6 will be reopen to traffic on Monday, there will still be works […]

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Exit from Brexit

by Geoff Abell on 2 October, 2017

         Great and peaceful marches last Sun in Manchester near the Tory conference.  Tens of thousand attended various rallies and speakers came from all political parties (including the Conservatives) and none. Some inventive slogans – “Brexit is bananas”, “Je suis saboteur” and “Inclusive not exclusive”. We were also reminded that of the […]

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 Cllr Geoff Abell talking to Lib Dem leader, Sir Vince Cable Vince Cable reports today – “When I became your leader just over 90 days ago, one of the goals I set was for us to overtake the Conservatives in membership. “Today we may have just done exactly that. “The Conservatives are notoriously secretive about their membership, […]

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